42124745_10155535145642274_3250414877197467648_oJodie grew up in Australia, but presently calls New York City home. She wanted to be so many things when she grew up that she could never quite make the final decision.

At the age of twenty-one, she had saved enough money (or so she thought) to travel the world. It took her a year to circumnavigate the globe, and a few odd jobs to keep her going, but the travel bug had bitten and she’s been traveling ever since.

Her most memorable adventures include a journey through the Rajisthan desert on a camel, trekking to a hill tribe village in the rainforests of Thailand, learning to sky dive solo from a vintage Cessna biplane, riding an elephant, diving with sharks, driving a tuk-tuk in Sri Lanka (a hair-raising experience for its owner), being surrounded by inquisitive cows on a humane farm in Brazil, visiting a witch doctor in Africa, and exploring an active volcano on the Vanuatu Islands in the Pacific.

Professionally, she has worked as a photographer, a web developer, a travel journalist, and a writer for causes. She is passionate about protecting our natural world and its animals and enjoys using her story telling skills to write novels and to help the causes she loves.


The Ruby Rosemount series was inspired by Jodie’s love of camels and magic carpets.

Lola, Jodie’s feline office manager, deserves a mention. Lola kept a close eye on Jodie’s writing efforts, giving messages of encouragement when they were needed most. She recently passed away and is sadly missed.

Lola, a remarkable kitty.

Bernie is now attempting to fill the role.

Bernie, full-time weirdo.

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  1. My daughter loved your first Ruby Rosemount novel, though I can’t find the other two in any book shops or online, any ideas?

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